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26 Nov

Bicycle Hostel – accommodation in Iasi for young people everywhere

Perhaps Iasi isn’t the first choice for those tourists seeking mountains and never seen before landscapes. Still, Iasi has some unique attractions to visit. Let’s go through some of them and find out why you should choose Bicycle Hostel when you’re looking for ‘Iasi accommodation’ on Google.

Bicycle Hostel – accommodation in Iasi for young people everywhere

As soon as you enter our hostel you will start picking up good vibes. That’s because we were lucky enough to have only cool guests and each and every one of them left a footprint behind. 

We keep everything in tip-top shape and the first thing you should know about our hostel is that it’s a great social environment. You will have the chance to know other people, Romanian or foreigners, and by doing this you’ll enrich your world culture. 

Everyone comes with a story to tell here and we provide the necessary surroundings for people to get closer to each other.

What can you visit in Iasi?

We can either talk about the traditional attractions or mention the places known only by the locals. Why not both, right?

  • The Palace of Culture is a classic objective that is impressive and worthy of checking out
  • Since you’re in the area, you should also check out the Palas Mall
  • Cuza Street, the Union Square and Lapusneanu Street represent a great route for slow walks and long conversations
  • You’ll find good coffee everywhere, from Teo’s or Origin’s, to name a few
  • Underground, La baza, Vinyl, Oddity, Taverna, B2 are meant to be enjoyed at night, the locals calling the area ‘la cub’ (the cube)
  • You can also find pubs and places filled with chill and good vibes, such as Cuib, Acaju or La Noi bistro. Here you can lounge around as you please.

The bottom line

We’ve gone through just a few of the main attractions in this great city. Pick Bicycle Hostel when you are looking for a place to stay in Iasi and you won’t regret it one bit. 

Our hostel is really close to the railway station and the public transport stops, and if you’re a fan of walks, it will only take you 20 minutes tops to reach downtown.

Finally, we suggest that you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and keep checking this very site that you’re on. This way, you’ll be up to speed on everything worth knowing. We wish you a warm welcome!

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