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21 Dec

Bicycle Hostel presents Romanian Holiday Habits

The Holiday season is near and we would like to show our foreigner friends just what exactly an average Romanian Joe does during Christmas, New Year’s and everything in between.

Us Romanians adore this time of year and you’ll see exactly why, just keep on reading. Without further ado, here are some of the most loved Romanian Holiday habits

1. Sleighs, skis and skates

Romanian kids are obsessed with sliding down frozen hills, streets, narrow alleys and so on. There’s a whole tradition concerning sleighs. If they got rusty since the previous winter, we would have to drag them across concrete to polish them off, this being extremely ‘fun’ to hear.

Then we would risk our lives by forming a sleigh chain and letting go only if mortal danger would present itself. If, for some reason, sleighs wouldn’t be accessible, we would improvise with any piece of plastic that would support us, even a plain plastic bag. Skis and skates were associated with the rich, hence the class wars began. No worries, they were settled with snowball fights.

2. Alcohol and sweets

As kids got older, the mirage of alcohol began to work its magic. Particularly, mulled wine. A little bit of sugar, cinnamon and orange peel would make even the poorest of wines similar to the nectar of the gods. Those with more thirst would tackle the Kraken – boiled tuica (the mutant cousin of the whiskey).

Since you can’t drink these beverages on an empty stomach, we Romanians eat industrial quantities of sponge cake (chec or cozonac), brownies, clementines, oranges and so on. We don’t quite know how citrus fruits got so popular here and how they got linked with Christmas, but Romanians can’t conceive a Christmas without them.

3. Caroling

Another favorite activity, that’s been passed on for generations and continues to this day, regardless of age is caroling. Songs for Christmas, traditional poems for New Year’s Eve, rice throwing, a play concerning a goat or a bear, the whole end of year time is marked with strange but really fun activities.

We hope that you already booked a room at Bicycle and you’re going to experience at least some of the aforementioned holiday habits. Have fun!

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