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12 Dec

Spending the Holidays in Iasi is a great idea

Are you drawing a blank when you have to answer to ‘so, where are you spending your holidays?’

Fret no more, Bicycle Hostel offers you the ideal solution. Come to us because we offer the best place to stay in Iasi for Christmas. If you are curious about what you can do in Iasi with all this cold weather, then let’s find out together..

Things to do in Iasi before the year ends

With high hopes that it will snow, we enthusiastically recommend visiting Iasi this winter, especially before New Year’s. 

First, the people. Iasi is home to more than 50.000 students so you can safely say that things get pretty lively with them around. The Christmas market is open on Stefan the Great Blvd. with a pretty whimsical Ferris wheel placed in the middle. 

Mulled wine is the traditional season drink and you can find merchants selling it as you’re strolling across the boulevard. Also, Romanians are known for their cooking and you’ll also find filling and tasty snacks everywhere around, from traditionally baked pies with all kinds of tastes and smells to roasted corn on the cob and more.

Carolling is another activity we Romanians love to do. You can either find organized choirs hosting shows either at the newly opened Union Hall placed next to the Union Square or amateur carol-lovers scattered across town.

Let’s see, what else can you do in Iasi?

The old part of the town is magical when it wears its winter coat. Just recently the pedestrian part of the Stefan Blvd. got extended which will allow you to take a nice, brisk walk as you decide where to party, where to eat and where to drink.

Winter-themed plays are to be found either at the National Theatre or at the Atheneum, if you fancy some culture. Dancing and drinking are always a good idea and you can always do this in Iasi.

In the end, it’s entirely up to you. We await your stay at Bicycle Hostel and we’re more than happy to guide you with some pointers, if you wish. Come stay with us.

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