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20 Sep

What makes Bicycle Hostel the best option for booking a room in Iasi?

Travelling is a real passion for a bunch of people and the reasons that stand behind this idea are generally represented by searching for a way to relax and the thirst for acquiring new info about something.  

Visit Iasi and choose Bicycle Hostel

Iasi is the second largest Romanian city after Bucharest, the country’s capital, and lately it has managed to gain quite a bit of traction when it comes to being a tourist attraction.

Copou Park, the Palace of Culture or the nightlife that brings Iasi to life after sundown are just a few of the ways you can go when we are talking about a trip to this city. Naturally, when we’re discussing about taking a trip, we also have to consider the options for accommodation. 

That’s where we, the guys from Bicycle Hostel, come into the picture.

What makes Bicycle Hostel the best option for booking a room in Iasi

By simply doing a quick search on Google, you can already tell why Bicycle Hostel should be the number one choice for when you visit Iasi. We know that by using the Internet you can draw a pretty clear picture for yourself about something you wish to visit. 

Places that provide accommodation are highly dependant on the reviews that they receive. Doing this kind of research online you can easily find the most convenient place to stay in Iasi or the best offer for a room in Iasi. 

Although we know that there’s always room to improve, here at Bicycle Hostel  we take pride in being one of the best reviewed places to stay in Iasi. This statement is made by most people who enter our hostel, a conclusion which you can draw for yourself by simply checking our rating on Google Maps or TripAdvisor.

A hostel with a positive attitude

It may happen that you come across a guest house or a hotel room which can be characterized by a single word – boring. However, our hostel is designed with taste, providing you with all the necessary comfort for a great trip. 

Regardless of how you arrive in Iasi – be it a bike, a train or a bus – Bicycle doesn’t discriminate its guests. You can find us in close proximity of the train station and this place will act as a great way to relax, rest and socialize. Basically, all the elements for having a great trip.

Another great feat of Bicycle Hostel, besides the proximity to the train station and public transport, is that Bicycle Hostel is an affordable choice for staying in Iasi. 

Erasmus students, rejoice!

Generally speaking, hostels are often the choices of young travellers. Those who visit Iasi on a Erasmus scholarship must consider Bicycle Hostel as a reliable place to stay in Iasi. You can meet new people, drink and eat local stuff and benefit from a great experience, all this without digging too deep inside your pocket. I

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